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Security Summit 2022

Schrijf alvast de volgende datum in jouw agenda voor onze jaarlijkse Secutec Security Summit op 20 oktober 2022! De Security Summit is een volledige dag vol beveiligingsoplossingen gepresenteerd door onze cyberbeveiligingsleveranciers.


20 oktober 2022

9:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Van der Valk Hotel Mechelen
Rode Kruisplein 1-4
2800 Mechelen



We ontmoeten je graag op donderdag 20 oktober 2022 in het Van der Valk Hotel Mechelen, voor een volledige dag van vendor demo’s en presentaties. We starten in de voormiddag met een klein ontbijt en een Secutec sessie gegeven door onze CEO, Geert Baudewijns. Voor de lunch kan je kiezen uit 2 van de 4 sessies van onze vendoren. Tijdens deze sessies zullen onze vendoren product demonstraties geven of technische overzichten van hun producten, nieuwe features en aankomende patches/updates. Na de lunch kan je deelnemen aan één van onze namiddagsessies. We sluiten de dag af met een netwerkmoment waar je kan praten met onze vendoren en mensen met dezelfde interesse.


Programma details


Secutec SecureDNS

How to stay one step ahead of phishing and cyber attacks?

As an organization with multiple network users, you are always looking for the most effective way to protect your network, right? Unfortunately, it is no longer sufficient to just install a firewall and anti-malware. To keep resourceful hackers at a distance, you need extra protection.

Bruno Vandewalle | Business development Manager

Bruno has more than 25 years active in the information technology sector in a variety of management and commercial roles. Working for different software vendors and IT-consultancy companies ( Software AG, Oracle, Microsoft, Cronos, Zetes, & Delaware consulting & SMT (Splunk). Today he is responsible for Secutec SecureDNS



Why you need to get a grip on your Active Directory – Tenable.AD

How tenable.AD allows you to harden your Active Directory environment and detect attacks in real time without the need for agent deployment or admin privileges

Philippe Verhoeven | Sales Manager – Tenable.AD – Benelux & Nordics

20+ years in Cybersecurity and IT (IBM – Ericsson – BT – NTT Dimension Data – Check Point – Tenable) in various sales positions
Picture of the speaker.



Converged Endpoint Management (XEM): How to bridge the gap between endpoint management and security?

The exponential growth of endpoints over the last few years has made it impossible for organizations to manage them effectively and securely. The concept of security teams and operations teams working separately is no longer working. Security teams need to have more visibility into operational aspects to keep the environment clean and secure. Operations teams likewise need to have a security mindset. How do we bridge that gap? Presentation includes demonstration and information about SecureDNS integration.

Baldr Spillemaeckers | Territory Sales Manager

Baldr has a background in endpoint security, working with antivirus and EDR vendors. He is now territory sales manager at Tanium, where he is using that background to help Belgian organizations bridge the gap between endpoint security and endpoint management.



How to leverage Cybereason XDR to end Cyber Attacks

Today’s threats become more and more sophisticated. Learn how to end today’s and future cyber attacks with the easy to use Cybereason XDR Defence Platform

Mischa Deden | Senior Sales Engineer Benelux

Mischa Deden, CISSP, CEH, started his career as a developer. Worked as a network and system admin. In 2001 he experienced a breach as a sysadmin and decided to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Mischa Deden joined a consulting firm to help all kinds of customers in their journey to a safer company. In recent years he switched to the vendor world to make a difference in how the products are used. An expert in the past, present and future of cybersecurity, Mr. Deden is an all-round advisor who understands the cybersecurity challenges companies face like no other.


Secutec SecureSIGHT

How Threat Intelligence can help you make better decisions

You have already invested heavily in security infrastructure to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks. Yet too often you still have the feeling that you are putting out ad hoc fires.  In short, you are still unsure about your current cybersecurity policy. Want to know if your current cybersecurity policy is sufficient to every day’s new threats?  Follow this session and get the answer to your question.

Geert Baudewijns | CEO

Geert is CEO and founder of Secutec and has more than 22 years of experience in cybersecurity.



The future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming more complex and solutions are becoming more innovative while hackers move creatively. How does Sophos see these developments and what are our expectations for the upcoming years?

Patricia van Giessel | Channel Account Executive



Get ready for the future with new Trellix solutions

Update on ENS, the new Unified Endpoint, Insights and the new XConsole (unified management systems)as part of your journey to a complete XDR solution. Protect against today’s and tomorrow’s attacks.

Arjen Wark | Sales Engineer

Arjen is an experienced security pre-sales engineer. He has worked in security operations at several customers. Arjen is specialised in endpoint security.



Still giving Vendor Access with a VPN, why?

Concerned you are still giving 3rd Party Vendors and company administrators remote access via a VPN, thereby creating a potentially insecure access pathway? In this session you will see how BeyondTrust can help you to provide a secure remote access service to your critical vendors and administrators without the security implications of using a VPN. Our solution provides secure, controlled and audited access from outside of the perimeter to defined endpoints and applications. This enhances Vendor processes whilst reducing risk, as well as moving the company closer to a true zero trust strategy.

Lee Elliott, Director, Solutions Engineering

Lee Elliott is the Director, Solutions Engineering, for BeyondTrust. A highly capable security leader with 20+ years’ experience, Lee has acquired a wide range of security and identity management experience and knowledge, working across multiple industries in both vendor and client-side organizations. As a regular speaker at industry conferences, Lee delivers disruptive technical and strategic thought-leadership insight to the international cybersecurity community.


Secutec SecureRESPONSE

What to do if you have been hacked?

We hear it every day in the news, companies that are affected by a cyber attack. You naturally think it will never happen to me. But what should you do if you do fall victim to a cyber attack?

Thomas Jannes | SOC Manager

After a long career in networking at a Belgian University, with Cybersecurity as a personal hobby, Thomas joined Secutec in January 2020. He now does full-time Cybersecurity as our SOC manager and does some networking (both technical and social) as a personal hobby.


The climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro

“7 summits, 7 continents, one dream. A dream that would never feel like one if I forget the road behind me. So I chose and choose to make my adventure human powered . From continent to continent, overseas, oceans and plains. Through jungles, mountains and rivers. Without engines. With respect for local ecosystems and with love for the people I meet. While cycling, rowing, climbing or walking, I want to show international solidarity by collecting funds for local non-profits. These are the Secutec 7 summits! My dream.” Jelle Veyt has one dream, and Secutec loves to bring this dream come true. During this session Jelle Veyt will talk about the climb to the summit of the Kilimanjaro together with Peggy Van Sumere.  


Jelle Veyt | Adventurer, Physiotherapist & Motivational speaker

As the youngest of four brothers, he learned to ride a bike at the age of four. Frustrated watching them he started developing his forces against the big brothers. Since then he has been called a talent in just about everything he starts: from track’n’field to Kung Fu in his childhood , in-line skating in his youth , BMX as a teenager, boxing as an adolescent and eventually mountain bike and capoeira. Throughout all these different worlds , he invariably showed his peers passion, perseverance and above all the love for work and training. He masters everything in no time and he always amazes the older, more experienced athletes, whether his brothers, the masters of the Tatami, cool BMX riders on the streets, experienced mountain bikers or Brazilians born as Capoeirista.

As a 17 year old teenager Jelle had a dark period in his life being caught up in a difficult home situation and ended up living (squats) on the streets for 3 years. Lucky to find the right people there, he decided to get a job and finally go back to school. He didn’t have the opportunity to fail and became a physiotherapist at Ghent University. Now he uses his mental strength to inspire others through difficult situations in their lives. He is dedicated to create opportunities in life of people all around the world.


Peggy Van Sumere | Associate Director – Essensys

Peggy Van Sumere, Associate Director,  joined Essensys in 2006.  Her main areas of focus include amongst others HR, Finance and Sales & Marketing. She advises clients in finding the ideal Executive Interim Manager in situations where there is room for optimization / improvement, new areas of growth or simply ensuring continuity in a company. Further on she is well experienced in delivering the right management solution for companies facing major change/ transformation, restructuring/ downsizing or dealing with M&A, carve outs and integration exercises. She can fall back on her coaching capabilities which she developed during the 5.5 years she spent as a Sales Director with Ernst & Young, where she initiated and developed a true customer centric culture.



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