Home-Use protects your employees and your company in the digital world

Your employees are lucky, because they can work in a hyper-secure software environment during the day. But … are you aware that it is also important that they can work in a secure manner at home? It is possible that your employees transfer viruses from their home onto your professional network, without being aware of it themselves. A USB that is used both at home and at work, for example, can inadvertently cause a lot of damage.

Thanks to Home-Use, you can provide your employees with an antivirus software and Office 365 for use at home at unprecedented discounts. You can thereby keep your network secure and your employees can surf online or handle their Internet banking without any concerns. A win-win situation for both parties!

  • You can benefit from a maximum discount
  • We provide the necessary (worldwide) support
  • You can use the software on several devices

The advantages of Home-Use

If your employees have antivirus software on their personal devices (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone), the risk of viruses in your company reduces. In addition, you give your employees the opportunity to purchase licenses at a very advantageous price. And, as the icing on the cake, we provide the management, follow-up and support.

✓ Employees can request the required services themselves ✓ We provide support during the registration and management of the licenses ✓ We keep the applications up-to-date through an automated process ✓ We offer marketing support for the launch and development of the product range ✓ We develop new go-to-marketing plans for direct-to-end customer communication.

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